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$33.00 each
$33.00 each
$31.00 each
$32.00 each
$30.00 each
$31.00 each
$29.00 each
100 +
$30.00 each
$28.00 each


Hawaiian Queen honors a "first-come, first-served" policy. We require a phone call or email confirmed by our office to reserve your queens. We look forward to hearing from you!

Call us Monday through Friday 8am-12-noon Hawaii time to place an order over the phone. 808-328-2656. You may also email us at hiqueen@hialoha.net.

To place an order online, please fill out the form below. Let us know how many queens you need on which date(s). We will confirm your order via email within 24 business hours. Orders placed here are not considered confirmed until you receive an email from our office.


The Ultimate Queen Bee



2020 pricing

Minimum order 10 queens.

Canadian customers: Please call or email for pricing.

Important Information

  • Queens are shipped Mondays (except federal holidays, in which case it is the next business day) via UPS 2-Day Air.
  • Special handling with a freight-forwarder who specializes in live cargo shipments is also available. Please contact our office for details.
  • Hawaiian Queen quarantees live delivery.
  • A USDA Health Certificate is included with each shipment.
  • Small orders of 10-12 queens are shipped in 3-hole cages.
  • All orders from 13 queens and up are shipped in California mini-cages and sent in battery boxes.
  • Queens are also available in three-hole cages to the U.S. mainland for an additional charge.
  • All orders to Canada are shipped in three-hole cages at no additional charge.
  • Hawaiian Queen accepts Visa, MasterCard and Money Orders.
  • Three sizes of shipping battery boxes for orders of 50, 100 or 150 queens.

Our intense selection process begins with with the top performing breeders. To further improve our stock we have an instrumental insemination program using the Aurea and Carniolan stock from Dr. Joe Latshaw, Latshaw Apiaries. Fifteen hundred honey producing colonies in the field provide an abundance of healthy drones to assure that your queens are properly mated. You can expect rapid build-up, gentle temperament and hygienic behavior from all our queens.